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What makeup to use on your wedding day?

It’s a question everybody asks

Oh boy, this is the million-dollar question! The right makeup can either make you look like a million bucks or a total bust! And let's not forget, it has to last the whole day too!

But hey, no need to lose sleep over it! As a pro makeup artist, I've got a whole kit of goodies to cater to every skin type under the sun. And the cherry on top? We don't have to stick to just one foundation! Depending on your skin type, we can mix and match to create a flawless finish. So, bring on the different skin types - I've got you covered!


I don't just have a makeup collection, I've got a whole skincare army too! After all, the skin is the ultimate canvas for makeup masterpieces, and getting the perfect base is key to looking like a glowing goddess. Everyone has their unique signature look, and with so many skin types out there, it's crucial to have a variety of products at hand. Whether you're going for flawlessly smooth skin or a bold red lip, it's all about finding the perfect products to express your own fabulous self!

Hold up, did you know your skin is the boss? Yup, it's the biggest organ and never stops shifting, especially when the hormones and stress are in a tizzy. So, the makeup that smothers your face day in and day out might not be up for the challenge of being the belle of the ball on your big day.

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