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How much does wedding Makeup cost?

Its a question everybody asks....

Now, this is a tricky question to answer because it all depends on the makeup artist you choose and their experience in the biz – trust me, I know! After 20 years in the game, I've learned that more faces in my seat means more chances to create a breathtaking look. I've seen it all, and that gives me the confidence to strut into your big day knowing that everyone in my chair will look nothing short of stunning!


Choosing a make-up artist is a big deal! It's like choosing your team captain for the morning pep talk, a moment of precious alone time. So, when pondering who you want to join you in the wee hours, think about your cheer squad! You want someone you trust, someone who's got your back and is rooting for you. That's where I come in--I'm not just your make-up artist, I'm your zen master. I'll keep you cool as a cucumber and remind you to inhale when things get crazy. It's all about matching energies. 

Here's the tea:

First, we don't mess around when it comes to quality. Our kit is stocked with only the creme de la creme of luxury makeup brands and products.

But let's not forget about the nitty-gritty work we do behind the scenes. We thoroughly clean every brush and wipe down each product after every single use. It's not just about being extra, it's about keeping our clients safe and happy!

Plus, there are other expenses to consider - like insurance and fuel (ugh, we wish they were free too!). But when you hire us, you're investing in 20+ years of experience in the biz. Trust us, it's worth it!

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