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Why have a makeup artist on your wedding day?


Opting to have a professional Makeup Artist for your special day will ensure your makeup lasts all day and night, sitting perfectly through the vows, refusing to budge or stream after you've said "I Do" and remaining perfect through the speeches.

You will find the makeup is still clinging on when the DJ arrives and you dance the night away.

Admittedly according to some of my brides its still as fresh the next morning as they part of the night away.


"When we feel that all eyes are upon on us, it is often difficult to take chances in expressing our individuality." - Bobbi Brown

Bridal Makeup will make you look & feel the best you ever have, enhancing your natural beauty with a timeless look that won't age on the physical memories you have spent so many pennies on. I refuse to have the worry that my Brides will look at the beautiful photograph hung on their wall in 30 years and think "What did the MUA do to my face" nor will your grandchildren be sniggering at your wedding video when you appear with comical oversized black eyebrows and very little forehead.

“be your own kind of Beautiful

"I will make you believe.."


Bridal makeup has to be agreed and designed together to achieve your perfect look for your day. We see you with a different trained eye but don't just set about with our magic lotions and potions and create a look that we know will suit you and last all day with the right products & application.

Makeup is such a personal thing so how do we know what will be your kind of beautiful without knowing you, your personality, your pet peeves with makeup and what is your signature look.


"I believe that all women are pretty without make up - but with the right make up can be pretty powerful" - Bobbi Brown


Even armed with all that information and a cuppa there are many more questions before the makeup brush is picked up. As an artist we envisage the whole picture rather than just your features. If your signature look is a dark smoke or a winged eyeliner then we often say you should embrace this as you wouldn't feel like you otherwise!

Every bride is unique, you're an individual so makeup should be used to enhance your natural features and reflect your style, as an artist we are not there to make you look like a complete different person on one of the most special days of your life.


How I work my magic 

What will I do for you 



"Beauty begins the moment you be yourself"


Makeup Brushes shouldn't be used to turn you into someone else, they are used to enhance how beautiful you are inside and out to make you feel as special as your forever after day will be.

A magical never ending makeup kit is used to ensure the right products are used to ensure your makeup remains as perfect as when we hug goodbye as you go to marry your soul mate. After carrying makeup brushes around for over 20 years and vast variety in work, hundreds of shoots, hundreds of weddings, hundreds of professional catwalks and thousands of faces makes for an assortment of tips and tricks. Experienced in published beauty/editorial/fashion work as well, blessed with a tremendous amount of weddings means you are in highly capable hands.


"Beauty isn't about looking perfect. It's about celebrating your individuality" - Bobbi Brown


I pride myself than being much, much more than a " Bridal Makeup Artist" if you are unsure what else an artist may get up to on your day other than paint your face then our past brides have shared the adventures shared on their Wedding Day.

"Do Small Things with Great Love"

Choosing your bridal makeup artist 

Finding a Professional Makeup Artist for your Forever After day can be one of the most mind- boggling choices you have to make.

Makeup is such a personal thing and it can be daunting choosing which artist to trust.

The most important thing you can do is do some research, In a way it is like choosing your wedding cake, they look beautiful but what do they taste like? (Cake used as an example for evident reasons lol) "It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together"


I can't imagine anything more unnerving than spending time with an artist you don't gel with or even someone who wouldn't genuinely just be there for you "Today I see beauty everywhere I go, in every face I see, in every single soul" - Kevyn Aucion"

Trust me as a Wedding Veteran bridal prep will be an emotional rollercoaster for you and the last thing you need is a makeup artist that you don't click with, trust or feel is just part of "Team Bride"

As well as the smiles and laughter vou are also going to be vulnerable at times, there will be tears, there may be stress, you may feel overwhelmed so the artist you pick must have impeccable talent but would enjoy spending time with.


Look at portfolios of makeup artists work through Google, Instagram, Facebook and Instagram.

Read all the reviews you can on artists Websites and Facebook Pages. Ask your friends who they trusted for their special day and find out what the makeup was like to the naked eye, how it felt and how it lasted but in my opinion the most important question to ask is "What was the makeup artist like?"

You are spending one of the most special days of your life with a stranger, so not only is it crucial the artists' work is beautiful but so should the soul who is painting your face. They should be able to gain your trust as well as your Mum and 'Maids. A great bridal makeup artist is not only a master at blending makeup but also at blending


Things go wrong, sometimes teeny little things but then there are the things that go wrong that make us stare at your bridal tribe with the look of "We will fix this without her knowing" Then there's the times you can't hide it and were having to sew bridesmaids into dresses, or trying to stop an overwhelmed mum having a panic attack, or running back home to grab some wellies for a bride cursed with weather.

Your Bridal Makeup Artist is your emotional and physical support, they are a token Mother, Friend, Bridesmaid, Auntie and PA.

Your perfect Bridal Makeup Artist will never just apply makeup, they will be part of the day, like you have always known them and they will have your back, normally before you even ask or realise what you need.

Ready for Natural Timeless Beauty on your special day? Click Here to contact me 

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